New: ManTooth™

Use your smartphone to measure pressure and temperature!

With ManTooth™ you'll never need a manifold or hoses again. That’s because your phone can do all the work. ManTooth™ is a wireless digital pressure gauge that simplifies pressure and temperature checks, by sharing data with your phone or tablet via a Bluetooth connection, along with other measurements from the refrigeration or air conditioning systems. It can instantly calculate the system's superheat and subcooling, and displays the results in an easy-to-read colour format on your smartphone. 

You can save these readings and organise them by location and equipment, making it simpler to track your maintenance work.

Equipped with Schrader ports, it can also be used to easily adjust refrigerant charge if required. 

ManTooth™ is an indispensable precision tool for HVAC technicians, and replaces conventional manifolds. 

The app is free to download on the App store and Google Play, and updates are free too. 

It is available in single and double pressure gauge sets.

Contact your sales representative to find out more about this new tool and request the datasheet.