Leak detection / Gas detectors


Leak detection is one of the main changes since 1st January 2015 that has affected equipment owners, service engineers and installation technicians.

 Already required under F-Gas I for systems with a load of more than 300 kg, fixed gas detectors are now mandatory under the revised F-Gas regulation (EU 517/2014, known as F-Gas II, articles 4) and 5) for systems with a load of more than 500 tC02-eq.


The Murco range of fixed detectors offers solutions for all refrigerants. Equipped with 1 to 6 sensors and 1 or 2 alarm thresholds, they have an audible and visual alarm, and enable compliance with the regulations.


The Murco Gas Detector (MGD) detects leaks of halogenated fluids used in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, but can also be used to detect NH3, CO2, and hydrocarbons.


    • The 1-level Murco MGD allows leak detection above a set threshold. If there are multiple sensors, the 1-level Murco MGD will only detect one gas. The type of sensor must be selected according to the gas to be detected. Optional extras are available, such as Atex boxes.


    • The 2-level Murco MGD can be used to monitor a maximum and minimum threshold. 2-level Murco MGD detectors (with 2 sensors or more) may be equipped with sensors to detect different gases.


The thresholds can be adjusted from 10 to 10,000 ppm, depending on the gas to be detected, the sensor technology and compliance with the safety thresholds).


Climalife can also carry out annual gas detector inspections. Contact us to find out more.

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