Heat Transfer fluids : Special formula for TDF transmitters



Climalife, part of the Dehon group, intervened on the site TDF in Rheims for an operation of draining and refilling 200 litres of glycol containing special additives to cool the two networks of amplifiers of transmitters.

The company Thalès (Thomson) which is responsible for all site maintenance called in Climalife to provide a heat transfer fluid with a special formula and adapted to the installation specifically for cooling high technology transmitter amplifiers.

Studying special formulas in order to adapt them to the specific needs of the customer is one of the specialities of Climalife. Here it was a question of finding a product which avoids foaming at the important circulation speeds but which also neutralizes the risks of bacterial proliferation due to the multiple openings of the circuit for the various controls.

In addition, the amplifiers being primarily composed of aluminium, the risks of corrosion are important and imperatively must be controlled by protecting the installation to the maximum.

The formula of the Friogel heat transfer fluid (concentrated to 40% for protection up to -20°C) was especially modified to answer this need more specifically and thus protect and extend the lifespan of the installations. Thus, a modified concentration of additives, including the anti foaming M and the bactericidal product Biocide B1 were used in this mixture.

The intervention had to be performed after the interruptions of the transmissions, between 1 and 5 o' clock in the morning. After draining the two networks and rinsing with demineralised water, the refill with diluted Friogel was carried out successfully.

Thalès (Thomson) is present throughout the amplifier maintenance market on a national level. Climalife, part of the Dehon Group, has already assisted on many similar sites such as le Pic du Midi, in Rennes, in Chambéry, in the Eiffel Tower... and each time, for a specific modification of the heat transfer fluid