Climalife has created Thermonett®, an energy efficiency solution for the service sector

The unique combination which guarantees energy efficiency for service-sector buildings!

Key fact: 80% of heating pipework is generally sludged and corroded.

Why should you clean and protect your air temperature system?

- To improve the building's overall energy efficiency
- To avoid excess energy costs
- To maximise system components lifespans

Thermonett® is the only combination of physical and chemical technologies which treats water in a way that guarantees the building's sustainable energy efficiency.

The entire Thermonett® line of products is approved by the French CSHP (Public Health and Safety Committee), and therefore is non hazardous to the operator.

- Phase 1: Clean using the Thermonett® Sludge Remover

This non-oxidizing product lets you eliminate accumulations of magnetite sludge and removes cold spots quickly and easily. It thereby restores thermal balance.


- Phase 2: Capture and recover using Thermonett® dirt traps

This separator is specially designed to capture metallic debris. It is installed in line on horizontal water pipes, at the air temperature system's low point, in order to optimize its effectiveness.


- Phase 3: Protect and prevent using Thermonett® Protector

This universal treatment guarantees full protection in all indirect central heating systems, including those which contain aluminium components.
It lengthens the system's lifespan, guarantees maximum effectiveness and minimal energy consumption.


- Phase 4: Check using the Concentration Test

The concentration test is used to measure the concentration of Thermonett® Protector, in order to check that the system is being optimally protected.


The Thermonett® line of products is currently only available for sale in France. Keep an eye out, because Thermonett® will soon be coming to your country!


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